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Space Planning Secrets: Creating More Adaptable Workplaces

On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

Adapting your approach to space planning for a flexible future.

Corporate real estate leaders and space planning professionals want to future-proof their real estate strategies. But to do that, they need to address the current state of things and anticipate what the future holds.

How can they continue to adapt in a continually evolving market?

Zack Kingsak and Ian Pape seek to answer that question.

In this discussion, they look at the benefits of digitizing the workplace — and using space planning software to incorporate flexibility and agility into their plans.

Key topics:

  • Digitize people, places, and things on floor plans
  • Identify opportunities to right-size portfolio
  • Rearrange and reconfigure with visual block and stack
  • Test different configurations with scenario planner
  • Stay up to date with portfolio performance with dashboards and reporting

Discover how unifying your data and tools with space planning software can help you achieve your new goals and modernize your spaces for a flexible future.

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